Is purchasing Twitter Followers a great Idea?

News 06:02 February 2024:

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Twitter is such a big thing at the moment that people can do anything to have the highest number of followers among their friends. Buying followers is one of the morally debatable ideas people do nowadays. While it may not be a big deal to buy followers to some people, there are shortcomings of this habit. To start with, you will forever remain to know that you have fake followers. Most of them are actually robots and you may never even engage in any way. But if you are fine with that fact, here is another shocker.

Most of the bought followers rarely last a fortnight. The big companies that promise to deliver thousands of twitter followers after you pay them a couple of dollars are actually scams. They may deliver the followers today, but after one week they often take them back. Also think about the core reason of being on a social network. What is the use of having so many followers whom you can’t engage with in any way?