Blocking Periscope Followers.

News 04:02 February 2024:

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After setting your account public and attracting many periscope followers, there come a time you want to block some of them. This can be due to a personal reason, or you just don’t want them to view or comment on your videos that you are streaming. It can be a way of eliminating stalkers on your timeline or just a way of avoiding them. How do I block them? Follow this simple steps and go ahead to block them.

First, log into your account and go to your profile. It is usually located at the bottom toolbar on the people icon. As you tap on it, your profile picture will appear at the top right corner which is your periscope profile now. On clicking on it, your entire profile screen will appear. Swipe down and a list of blocked, following and followers will be listed. Check the list of your followers noting the person or persons you want to block. On identifying the name, tap on it and a full profile of them will be displayed.

Tap on the gear like icon on the left corner where a “block user” icon appears from the bottom. On tapping it, the selected person will be blocked. He or she will be added to other periscope followers you blocked before.