How Snapchat Views Are Shaping Our Lives;

News 04:02 February 2024:

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What started as a social media platform is now changing lives to a larger extent than initially anticipated. The changes are being felt on both socially and economically fronts. Gone are the days you had to spend a lot of time reading an entire article on the newspaper to get the information you are looking out for. Videos and pictures posted in real time convey information faster than previous forms of communication. The vast numbers of snapchat views help the information to go viral in a short span as everyone gets to see what is happening with ease. Information about traffic, weather forecast update or accident update are effective when passed through this platform.

Accounts doing all this normally have a large number of followers and provide an all round updates around you. Most followers subscribing to it come from the area it gives updates on since it only makes relevant to those around. It will be useless to follow snapchat accounts of other countries or location as all information will make no sense or add value to you. The snapchat views generated help you plan your activities ahead on a given day. You given the option to look for another road if there is an accident ahead, clothes to wear depending on the weather or emergencies likely to affect your schedule.